May 24, 1978

Student Center; University of Zagreb

Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Tom Constanten

Impecunious Davis (Mills) The Entertainer (Joplin) Efficiency Rag (Scott) Buffalo Rag (Turpin) American Beauty (Lamb) Augustan Club Waltz (Joplin) Magnetic Rag (Joplin) Pastime #4 (Mathews) Pastime #5 (Mathews) Intermission (Steinway) (premire) THE SYNTAX COLLECTOR: I. Haight St. Slither II. That there Old West… III. Lude/Licentious IV. Green and Gold V. San Andreas Stomp RECOMBINANT STRAINS:(first performance of entire set) Duo with John Cobb Claude Greenberg s Springtime Catch Land of the Hassled and Free