October 4, 1981

Old First Church

San Francisco, California
Tom Constanten

Take One Ragtime Ensemble: David Reffkin, violin/leader; Diana Dorman, clarinet; Kurt Patzner, trombone; Rick Clark, tuba; Mark Cepeda, percussion; and T. C., piano Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin) Pride of the Army (M. H. Andrews) Original Jelly Roll Blues (Morton) St. Louis Rag (Turpin) O ma charmante, pargnezmois Mephistopheles Two Step (Wilkes) Powder Rag (Charles Johnson) The Dark Town Swell (O. E. Sutton) That There Old West… (T.S.C. #2) piano solo Part Time Rag (Reffkin) Rose Leaf Rag (Joplin) In a Tea Garden (Frank Grey) Des Negers Geburtstag (Lincke) Alexanders Rag Time Band (Berlin) Cheops (Cobb)