March 30, 1989

The Palms (Hamilton/126)

Davis, California
Tom Constanten

Piano solo Modern Love Waltz (Glass) Hesitation Blues (Davis) Chiclets (Ryan) Quanto sia liet il giorno (Verdelot) Minstrels (Debussy) Chopped Liver (Ryan) Dejavalse Sugar Cane (Joplin) Etude, Op. 25 #9 (Chopin) Etude, Op. 25 #9 (Chopin), ragged First Set with the Henry Kaiser Band: Henry Kaiser John Hanes, drums; Cary Sheldon, vocals, and T. C., keyboards Play with Fire (Jagger/Richard) Fishin Hole (Sloane/Hagen/Spencer) Dont let a Thief Steal into your Heart (Thompson) The Ballad of Shane Muscatell T. C., vocal Ode to Billy Joe (Gentry) Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/ People Dont Change (Anderson)/Rivers Edge (Anderson) Second Set with the Henry Kaiser Band Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) Madness of Love (Thompson)/The Other One (Hunter/Weir/Garcia) Liberty Valance (Bacharach/David) Mr. McGuffin () Im so Glad ()