April 15, 1989

Fillmore Auditorium (Sherman Clay/c. 1300)

San Francisco, CA
Tom Constanten

Piano solo Cold Rain and Snow (Obray Ramsey via Sugar Cane (Joplin) Modern Love Waltz (Glass) Dejavalse Chiclets (Ryan) Nr. 2 Klavierstck III (Stockhausen) Overture, The Affair of Rue de Lourcine Holiday for Strings (Rose) Chopped Liver (Ryan) San Andreas Stomp (T. S. C. #5) with the Henry Kaiser Band: Henry Kaiser John Hanes, drums; Cary Sheldon, vocals, and T. C., keyboards Fishin Hole (Sloane/Hagen/Spencer) Dont let a Thief Steal into your Heart (Thompson) Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/ Play With Fire (Jagger/Richard)/Liberty Valance (Bacharach/David) Tell Me (Jagger/Richard) Loner (Young) Ode to Billy Joe (Gentry)