July 6, 1989

The Ashkenaz (150 46)

Berkeley, California
Tom Constanten

with the Henry Kaiser Band: Henry Kaiser and Bruce Anderson, guitars; Hilary Hanes, bass; John Hanes, drums; Cary Sheldon, vocals, and T. C., keyboards First set Loner (Young) FishinХ Hole (Sloane/Hagen/Spencer) CryinХ in your Beer (Anderson) DancinХ in the Streets (Stevenson/Gaye/Hunter) RiverХs Edge (Anderson) DonХt let a Thief Steal into Your Heart (Thompson) Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Dylan) – with Gary Lambert, bass and vocal Liberty Valance (Bacharach/David) Second Set Folsom Prison Blues (Cash) – with Gary Lambert, bass and vocal Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/The Other One (Hunter/Weir/Garcia)/ Puff the Magic Dragon (Lenny Lipton)/Tell me (Jagger/Richard)/ People DonХt Change (Anderson)