July 28, 1990

KQED-FM: West Coast Weekend,

San Francisco, CA
Tom Constanten

with Sedge Thomson (Life on the Water/Steinway)
** {The Other One (Garcia)…
** Dejas
with Ginny Reilly, guitar
** The Eternal Summer of Sacramento (Mark Twain)
read by Sedge Thomson
** Ferry ХCross the Mersey (?) Bed
* Urban Geographer Intro/Outro(Call Me Tag)
** Play the Game (McShee/Portman-Smith)
** Sex, Life, and Junk Food Sketch (Fox) In/Out
** Bus Stop (Hollies)
with Ginny Reilly, guitar
** Audience Adventure Boogie
** Heatface (Talen) Outro (You Gotta Have Heart)
** RockinХ Promenade (Took the T-Bird Away)