November 7, 1990

KQED-FM: West Coast Weekend,

San Francisco, CA
Tom Constanten

with Sedge Thomson (Life on the Water/Steinway)
** {007 Theme…
** Dejas
with Laurie Lewis, violin; Tony Furtado, banjo; Scott Nygaard, guitar;
Tom Rozum, mandolin; and Tammy Fassaert, bass
** Ich Fuhr mich џber Rhein (Sweelinck)
** Moon Harp (from Komachi) Hovhaness)
** Meandering Marauding Motion Picture Maven (Fox) In/Out
** City Ice (Thomson) In/Out/During
** BBC News (Varon) Outro
** Audience Adventure Boogie
** Valley Lady (Fox) In (Young at Heart)/ Out (When IХm 64)