April 29, 1992


Colorado Springs, CO
Tom Constanten

Dead Ringers piano solo Boris the Spider (Entwistle) Dejavalse Prelude, Op. 23 #6 (Rachmaninoff) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/ joined in progress by Barry Flast, keyboard and vocals; Barry Sless, guitar and pedal steel; Fred Campbell, bass and vocals; and Jimmy Sanchez, drums; plus David Nelson, guitar and vocals Althea (Hunter/Garcia)/Deal (Hunter/Garcia)/Dont Ease me In (Henry Thomas)/Candy Man (Hunter/Garcia) Goin down the Road Feelin Bad (Traditional)/Fire on the Mountain (Hunter/Hart) New New Minglewood Blues (Weir/Lewis)/New Minglewood Blues (Lewis) Panama Red (Rowan) Hand Jive (Otis) Encore Around and Around (Berry)