December 6, 1992

Old First Church

San Francisco, Calif.
Tom Constanten

Duet in G, BWV 804 (J. S. Bach) Duet in F, BWV 803 (J. S. Bach) Sonata #24 in C (Cimarosa) Sonata #27 in Bb (Cimarosa) Sonata #30 in E, Op. 109 (Beethoven) Nachtstck in F, Op. 23 #4 (Schumann) Intermezzo in A, Op. 118 #2 (Brahms) Romance in F, Op. 118 #5 (Brahms) Intermezzo in C, Op. 119 #3 (Brahms) Intermission Minstrels (Debussy) The Sunken Cathedral (Debussy) A Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen (Harrison) Dejavalse Modern Love Waltz (Glass) Chopped Liver (Ryan) Butterfly Rag Fake Fur Elise Bachwelle (Brook Waves) Odeon Quadrille Three SongEtudes Dejavalse Encores The Other One (Hunter/Garcia) Prelude, Op. 23 #6 (Rachmaninoff) Etude, Op. 10 #1 (Chopin) Prelude, S. 876 (J. S. Bach)