May 7, 1993

Baitys Music Garden (KORG SG1D)

Winston-Salem, N. C.
Tom Constanten

Dead Ringers TC with David Nelson, Barry Flast, Barry Sless, Bill Laymon, and Arthur Steinhorn Solo set The Fat Angel (Leitch) Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen) /Dew John Barleycorn Must Die (Traditional) Dejavalse Unchained Serenade Presto from Sonata in E (Haydn) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) Joined by acoustic set Deep Elem Blues (Traditional) Oh Babe, it aint no Lie (Cotten) Diamond Joe (Tex Logan) Rosa Lee McFall (Monroe) Joined by Bill Art I Know You Rider (Traditional) Dont Ease me in (Thomas) Dire Wolf (Hunter/Garcia) Ripple (Hunter/Garcia) Cumberland Blues (Hunter/Garcia/Lesh) Electric set Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/St. Stephen (Hunter/Garcia)/Bye and Bye (Tinley) Casey Jones (Hurt) West LA Fadeaway (Hunter/Garcia) The Wheel (Hunter/Garcia) Henry (NRPS) …Train to Cry (Dylan) Deal (Hunter/Garcia)