November 6, 1993

Images (SG1D)

Pearl River, N. Y.
Tom Constanten

Dead Ringers TC with Barry Flast, David Nelson, Barry Sless, Julia Altstatt, and Steve Palumbo. Acoustic D/R Set Deep Elem Blues (Traditional) Dire Wolf (Hunter/Garcia) Ripple (Hunter/Garcia) I Know you Rider (Traditional) Rosa Lee McFall (Monroe) Midnight Moonlight (Rowan) When I Paint my Masterpiece (Dylan) Diamond Joe (Logan) Oh, Babe it aint no Lie (Cotten) Willin (George) Freight Train Boogie (Traditional) Truckin (Garcia/Weir/Lesh/Hunter) Cumberland Blues (Hunter/Garcia/Lesh) Solo Set Belle of Louisville (French) San Andreas Stomp (TSC #5) Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Dawson/Garcia)/Boris the Spider (Entwistle) Morning Dew (Dobson) Romance, Op. 118 #5 (Brahms) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia) Electric D/R Set Wicked Messenger (Dylan) Casey Jones (Hurt) … Althea (Hunter/Garcia) Mercury ()/The Wheel (Hunter/Garcia) Deal (Hunter/Garcia)/…Train to Cry (Dylan) New Minglewood Blues (Lewis)