April 8, 1994

Crossroads (Roland A80)

New York, N. Y.
Tom Constanten

TC Solo Set Morning Dew (Dobson) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) Rialto Ripples (Gershwin/Donaldson via Kovacs) Belle of Louisville (French) John Barleycorn (Traditional) Dispeptically Skeptically Blue Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (Lehrer) Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia) with After Dark Kevin Dunn, guitar; Barry Colter, bass; Mark the Harper; Marco Polo, drums; and LarryVedilago, keyboard I Know You Rider (Traditional) Ramble on Rose (Garcia) Fire on the Mountain (Hunter/Hart) One Way Up (Brothers) Little Red Rooster (Dixon) Quinn the Eskimo (Dylan) Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Dawson/Garcia) Morning Dew (Dobson) Bertha (Hunter/Garcia) Shakedown Street (Hunter/Garcia) Ripple (Hunter/Garcia)