June 13, 1994

Brownies Lodge (Roland RD500)

Bargaintown, N. J.
Tom Constanten

Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen)/Morning Dew (Dobson) Lather (Slick) John Barleycorn (Traditional)/Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/ Sheebeg and Sheemore (Carolan)/Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Dawson/Garcia)/ Boris the Spider (Entwistle) Rialto Ripples (Gershwin/Donaldson via Kovacs) Unchained Serenade The Green and Gold Take the Cakewalk (TSC #4) The Fat Angel (Leitch) Ive Just Seen a Face (Lennon/McCartney) Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/Lovelite (Malone) with Stone Circle: Tony Conlin and Chris Moraglia, guitars; Chris Barber, bass, Kenny Quinones, drums, and Dominic Phillips, percussion Fire on the Mountain (Hunter/Hart)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/China Cat Sunflower (Hunter/Garcia)/I Know You Rider (Traditional)/Deal (Hunter/Garcia Ripple (Hunter/Garcia)