January 12, 1996

Knitting Factory (Oberheim Eclipse)

New York, N. Y.
Tom Constanten

Dose Hermanos Dose Hermanos II TC with Bob Bralove
5. Shadow of the Invisible Man
8. Waltz of the Autumn Moon with Todd Reynolds, violin
Joe Gallant and Illuminati play Blues for Allah
Todd Reynolds, Patti Weiss, and Liz Knowles, violins; Robin Bonnell, Хcello; Bobby Strickland, soprano sax;
Mike Simm, alto sax; Michael Blake, tenor sax; David Randall, trumpet, Steve Swell, trombone; Barbara Cifelli, clarinet;
Dave Tronzo, slide guitar; Rolf Sturm, guitar;
TC, Bob Bralove, and Evan Gallagher, keyboards; Joe Gallant, arranger, bass;
Diana Herold, vibes, percussion; Danny Sadownick, percussion; Grisha Alexiev, drums;
Ellen Christi, Jenna Mammina, Tony Mammina, and David Gans, vocals
Blues for Allah – intro (Hunter/Garcia)
Help on the Way/Slipknot (Hunter/Garcia)
FranklinХs Tower (Hunter/Garcia)
King SolomonХs Marbles (Hunter/Garcia)
The Music Never Stopped (Hunter/Garcia)
Crazy Fingers (Hunter/Garcia)
{Sage and Spirit (?????)}
Blues for Allah (Hunter/Garcia)
Encore Set
plus Toni Brown, vocal
Morning Dew (Dobson)/I Know You Rider (Trditional)
Fire on the Mountain (Hunter/Hart)
Days Between (Hunter/Garcia)
Not Fade Away (Holly)