July 11, 1999

Christ Unity Church (Kurzweil PC88)

Charlotte, N. C.
Tom Constanten

Pianist for Sunday service Processional Prelude in E (WTC I) (J. S. Bach) Prelude in F# (WTC I) (J. S. Bach) Prelude in C# (WTC I) (J. S. Bach) Hymns during service Surely the Presence (Wolfe) O Brother Man (Whittier/Barnby) Im the Expression of Infinite Life (Rowland/Traditional) We Are Walking in the Light (Traditional) Shepherd of my Heart (Baldwin/Tunney) with Sylvia Whitesell, soprano The Lords Prayer (Malotte) More than Wonderful (Wolfe) with Sylvia Whitesell, soprano Let There be Peace on Earth (Miller) Recessional Do Lord (Traditional) Lovelite (Malone) One Day at a Time (Wilkin/Kristofferson)