February 20, 2000

Christ Unity Church (Kurzweil PC88)

Charlotte, N. C.
Tom Constanten

Pianist for Sunday service Processional Morning Dew (Dobson) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) Opening Hymns Welcome In (Wise) Surely the Presence (Wolfe) The Love in Me (Connorton/Keefer) The Twelve Powers (Rieger/Jude) Give Yourself to Love (Wolf) In the Garden (Miles) with Sylvia Whitesell, soprano The Lords Prayer (Malotte) In This Very Room (R. C. Harris) with Sylvia Whitesell, soprano The Rose (McBroom) with Sylvia Whitesell, and Cynthia Lane, sopranos Let There be Peace on Earth (Miller) Recessional Lovelite (Malone)