July 22, 2000

Quixotes True Blue Cafe (Alesis QS8.1)

Aurora, Colorado
Tom Constanten

Solo Set Morning Dew (Dobson) People Get Ready (Mayfield) The Battle of New Orleans…() Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) The Fat Angel (Leitch) Dejavalse Rialto Ripples (Gershwin/Donaldson via Kovacs) In My Life (Lennon/McCartney) TC vocal I Am Waiting (Jagger/Richards) TC vocal People are Strange (Doors) TC, vocal Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Garcia)/Boris the Spider (Entwistle) Etude, Op. 25 #2 (Chopin) Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/Ghost Riders in the Sky ()/Ritual Fire Dance (DeFalla)/ Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/Lovelite (Malone) with Abendego space/New Speedway Boogie (Hunter/Garcia)/Smokestack Lightning (Hunter/Garcia)/Shakedown Street (Hunter/Garcia)/ Fire on the Mountain (Hunter/Hart)