May 3, 2003

Levine Museum of the New South (Kurzweil K2500)

Charlotte, N. C.
Tom Constanten

Moving Poets Theatre of Dance Sixth annual Gala First Set Pathetique Sonata II (Beethoven) Dizzy Fingers (Confrey) Waltz for Debby(Evans) Modern Love Waltz (Glass) Dejavalse Fake Fur Elise Magnetic Rag (Joplin) Varen (Grieg) Satisfied Mind (Traditional) TC, vocal The Fat Angel(Leitch) Wolftower TC vocal Second Set People Get Ready(Mayfield) Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Garcia)/Boris the Spider (Entwistle) In My Life (Lennon/McCartney) TC vocal The Knowledge Song TC vocal Morning Dew(Dobson) Nocturne, Op. 9 #1 (Chopin) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (GD)/People are Strange (Doors) TC, vocal /Lovelite (Malone) Encores Dispeptically Skeptically Blue TC vocal Fantasy in C minor (Bach) (Kurzweil PC88) (Kurzweil PC88)