October 6, 2005

AmosХ Southend (Yamaha Motif ES8)

Charlotte, N. C.
Tom Constanten

Tom Constanten and his Able-Bodied Posse
TC, keyboard and vocals, with Ken Foust, guitar and vocals, Ted Henderson, bass and vocals, and Monty Makarow, drums
Opening set by Brian Baugus
Posse Set
Cold Rain and Snow (Traditional, arr. TC) – TC, vocal
Caledonia (?????) – Ken Foust, vocal
Where IХve Been (Baugus) – Brian Baugus and Ken Foust, vocals
Circle of Drums (Baugus) – Brian Baugus and Ken Foust, vocals
The Long and Wide – TC, vocal
Moved to Stanleyville (Foust) – Ken Foust, vocal
My Flower (Foust) – Ken Foust, vocal
Magic Carpet Ride (via Lovelite) – TC, vocal
Pride of Man (Camp) – TC, vocal/Tide to Turn (Cray) – Ken Foust, vocal
Moonshine Superman – TC, vocal
There AinХt No Flag – TC, vocal
The ХCreke (K. Foust)
Taxman (Lennon/McCartney) – Ken Foust, vocal/Birds of a Feather (Phish) – Ken Foust, vocal
Sisters and Brothers (?????) – Ken Foust, vocal
Promised Land (Berry)