November 17, 2006

Casa Rincon (Kurzweil pc88)

Sedona, Arizona
Tom Constanten

With Gent Treadly: Greg Koerner, bass and vocals, Ken Foust, guitar and vocals, Doug Foust, drums People are Strange (Doors) Franklins Tower (Hunter/Garcia) There Aint No Flag (TC) TC, vocal Shakedown Street (Hunter/Garcia) The Creke (K. Foust) Wolftower TC, vocal Viola Lee Blues () TC Solo Segment Morning Dew(Dobson)/Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen) Yo Ho Ho(Allison/Waller) Shockwave (Deal) TC, vocal Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (GD)/Ritual Fire Dance (Falla)/Dark Star (GD)/ The band returns Viola Lee Blues () Moonshine Superman The Ballad of Shane Muscatell Cold Rain and Snow (Traditional, arr. TC) TC, vocal Moved to Stanleyville (Foust) Ken Foust, vocal Scarlet Begonias (Hunter/Garcia) Keep on Walkin (Koerner) Lovelite (Malone)/Other One (Hunter/Garcia) My Flower (K. Foust) Not Fade Away ()