October 8, 2010

Elks Club (Kurzweil)

New Britain, Conn.
Tom Constanten

TC with In the Dark: Mark Paradis, Mike Pandiscio, Jeff Martinson, Brian Konopka, Claire Horbal First Set Viola Lee Blues (Lewis) Playin in the Band (Hunter/Garcia) Ramble on Rose (Hunter/Garcia) Tennessee Jed (Hunter/Garcia) New Speedway Boogie (Hunter/Garcia) The Other One (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia) China Cat Sunflower (Hunter/Garcia)/I Know You Rider (Traditional) Mr. Charlie Told Me So (Hunter/Garcia) Lovelite (Malone) Second Set Franklins Tower (Hunter/Garcia) Scarlet Begonias (Hunter/Garcia) Fire on the Mountain (Hunter/Hart) St. Stephen (Hunter/Garcia) Sugar Magnolia (Hunter/Garcia) How Sweet it is (Holland/Dozier/Holland) Thats What Love Will Make You Do (Holly)