January 8, 2011

Bralove residence (Kurzweil/Steinway)

San Francisco, CA
Tom Constanten

House concert TC with Bob Bralove First Set Fill up Glass (DH) I Like the Way You Smile (Bralove) Bob Bralove, vocal Waltz of the Autumn Moon (DH) Elephant Dance(DH) You Got to Change Things () Bob Bralove, vocal Sellout Agitation Waltz (Farina) TC, vocal SciFi Titles (DH) Gilded Splinters(Rebennack) Bob Bralove, vocal Second Set Shadow of the Incisible Man (DH) Dont Call it Love (Bralove) Bob Bralove, vocal Bartk Boogie (DH) People are Strange (Doors) TC, vocal E Blues (DH) Debussy Impressions (DH) Division Street (Bralove) Bob Bralove, vocal Canadian Hippo Polka (DH)