September 15, 2012

Quixotes True Blue (Kurzweil pc88)

Denver, Colorado
Tom Constanten

Dose Hermanos Folded Sunrise (DH) Shadow of the Invisible Man (DH) Dont Call it Love (Bralove) Bob Bralove, vocal Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Trouble Every Day (Zappa) TC, vocal E drone(DH) Way You Smile () Bob Bralove, vocal Dark Star(Hunter/Garcia)/Folded Sunrise (DH) TC and Bob Bralove with Terrapin Flyer: Doug Hagman, guitar and vocals; John Zias, guitar and vocals; Wavy Dave Burlingame, bass and vocals; John Paul Nowak, drums Mr. Charlie Told Me So (Hunter/Garcia) The Other One(Hunter/Garcia) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/St. Stephen (Hunter/Garcia)/The Eleven (Hunter/Garcia) Beat it on down the Line (Traditional) Morning Dew(Dobson)