With Shakedown Street: Josh Rosen, lead guitar, vocals; Joe Weisiger, keyboards, vocals; Edwin Hurwitz, bass; Jake Wolf, drums; and Paul Trunko, rhythm guitar, vocals First Set Casey Jones (Hunter/Garcia) West LA Fadeaway(Hunter/Garcia) Ramble on Rose (Hunter/Garcia) Me and My Uncle (Haggard) Big River() Candyman (Hunter/Garcia) Midnight Hour() They Love Each Other (Hunter/Garcia) Shakedown Street (Hunter/Garcia) Second Set Scarlet Begonias (Hunter/Garcia) Fire on the Mountain (Hunter/Hart) Eyes of the World (Hunter/Garcia) Playin in the Band (Hunter/Garcia) Terrapin Station (Hunter/Garcia) Drums Space Big Rail Road Blues () The Other One (Hunter/Garcia) Playin in the Band (Hunter/Garcia) Encore Good Lovin (Rascals)