Don Aters Benefit TC with The Merry Pranksters: Rod Miller, guitar and vocals; Ton Browning, guitar; Ed Snad, bass; and Dave Young, drums et al. 2011 Heroes of Woodstock with Jefferson Starship: Cathy Richardson, David Freiberg, vocals; Slick Aguilar and Michael Eisenstein, guitar; Chris Smith, keyboard, and Martin Salloun, drums Deal (Hunter/Garcia) Slick Aguilar, vocal Loser (Hunter/Garcia) David Freiberg, vocal Encore Volunteers of America (Balin/Kantner) 2011 TC Solo Set Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/People are Strange (Doors) TC, vocal Cold Rain and Snow(Traditional, arr. TC) TC, vocal Amazing House TC, vocal Wolftower TC, vocal Dejavalse Dark Star (GD)/Trouble Every Day (Zappa)/Magic Carpet Ride (Kay) TC, vocal Garden Party (Nelson/TC words) TC, vocal 2011 Bella Terra Music Festival TC with Rev Tor Band 2011 Field Trip Festival TC and Melvin Seals sitting in with Terrapin Flyer: Amanda Panda, vocals, Doug Hagman and Erik Smith, gu