Dose Hermanos Gilded Splinters(Rebennack) Bob Bralove, vocal Black Keys (DH) Sellout Agitation Waltz (Farina) TC, vocal Folded Sunrise (DH) Division Street (Bralove) Bob Bralove, vocal Waltz of the Autumn Moon (DH) Crazy March (DH) Shadow of the Invisible Man (DH) Midnight Train (Bralove) Bob Bralove, vocal Silent Stickers List (DH) TC and Bob Bralove with Terrapin Flyer: Doug Hagman, guitar and vocals; John Zias, guitar and vocals; Wavy Dave Burlingame, bass and vocals; John Paul Nowak, drums China Cat Sunflower (Hunter/Garcia)/I Know You Rider (Traditional) Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Garcia/Dawson) Hard to Handle ()/The Eleven (Hunter/Garcia)/St. Stephen (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/Lovelite (Malone)