TC with the Anthem String Quartet: Jeff Berman, Andrea Vercoe, Chelle Falk, and Kristen Jones St . Stephen intro (Garcia)/Tangled up in Blue (Dylan) TC, vocal Marrakesh Express (Nash) TC, vocal Along Comes Mary (Almer) TC, vocal Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) TC, vocal Sway (Demetrio/Ruiz/Gimbel) TC, vocal Dyspeptically Skeptically Blue (Constanten) TC, vocal Dejavalse (Constanten) (Quartet only) Alarics Premonition (Constanten) (Quartet only) Free Mexican Air Force (Rowan) TC, vocal As Tears Go By (Jagger/Richard) TC, vocal Encore Tequila (Flores) Jam with Ren Rick, Wynne Paris, Chris Colvin, Jason Byrd, Mark Francis Nickens, Katie Sposato Johnson, Sean Siochan, and Colleen Siochan