American Ragtime Ensemble:
David Reffkin, violin/leader; Janet Witharm, Хcello; Ida Borin, bass; Kent Reed, percussion; and T. C., piano
The Dark Town Swell (Sutton)
Peacherine Rag (Joplin)
Grace and Beauty (Scott)
AlexanderХs Rag Time Band (Berlin)
Beautiful Ohio (Mary Earl)
Perigee! HalleyХs Comet Rag (H. Lincoln) – piano solo
Beale Street Blues (Handy)
Cheops (Cobb)
Ethiopia Rag (Lamb)
Apple Jack (Johnson)
Lude: Licentious Bicentennial Rag (T.S.C. #3) – piano solo
Kinklets (Marshall)
San Francisco (Meyer)
Whay dХye mean you lost yer Dog? (Daly/Allen)
American Beauty Rag (Lamb) – piano solo
Love will find a way (Blake)
Pine Apple Rag (Joplin