Elite Syncopations (Joplin) Razzazza Mazzazza (Pryor) O ma charmante, pargnezmois (Gottschalk) Escorregando (Nazareth) Black and Blue (Waller) Tabby Cat Walk (Bolcom) Harlequin and the Philosopher (from Tarot) Parallax (Ryan) Dejavalise THE SYNTAX COLLECTOR: I. Haight St. Slither II. That there Old West… III. Lude/Licentious IV. Green and Gold V. San Andreas Stomp Prelude, Op. 32 #1 (Rachmaninoff) Second Set American Beauty Rag (Lamb) Land of the Hassled and Free Hesitation Blues (Davis) with Jody Salino and David Ray Boogie Woogie Blues (Ammons) Green and Gold (T.S.C. #4) Prelude, Op. 11 #14 (Scriabine) Etude #25 (Chopin) Fantasia in C minor (J. S. Bach)