Accompaniment to readings by Robert Hunter Answer to the Question Why (Hunter) Klavierstck, Op. 19 #1 (Schnberg) Red Dogs Decoration Day (Hunter) Klavierstcke, Op. 19 #s 2, 4, and 6 (Schnberg) Tarbean (Hunter) Oriental (Spanish Dance #2) (Granados) Prelude: Le Tombeau de Couperin (Ravel) The Brass Axis (Hunter) Prelude, Op. 32 #12 (Rachmaninoff) Prelude, Op. 28 #6 (Tolling Bells) (Chopin) Prelude, Op. 28 #15 (Raindrops) (Chopin) Duino Elegy #1 (Rilke Hunter translation) Sonata #1: Second Movement (Brahms) Duino Elegy #7 (Rilke Hunter translation) Romance, Op. 118 #5 (Brahms) Nocturne, Op. 9 #2 (Chopin) Gnossienne #2 (Satie) Exploding Diamond Blues (Hunter) Sonatina (Constanten) The Boxes of Doctor Spasmodeus (Hunter) Rumanian Folk Dances #s 3 4 (Bartk) Rodney Albins Farewell Lecture (Hunter) Hello, Hello (Sopwith Camel) One for Bobby Petersen (Hunter) Caprice, Op. 44 #12 (Sinding) A Prophecy for the Year 1906 (Hunter) The San Andreas Stom