with Sedge Thomson (Life on the Water/Steinway) {Hello, Stranger (Seems like a mighty long time)… Dejas Rum and Coca Cola (?) Waltz/Vamp ** Nice Work in you can get it (Gershwin/Gershwin) Tag RockinХ Promenade City Ice Sketch (Thomson) In/Out/During ** Space Medley: Science Fiction Theatre Theme (?) Hey, Mr. Spaceman (Byrds) Rocket Man (Elton John) 2000 Light Years from Home (Jagger/Richard) Audience Adventure Boogie with Bruce Walker Bellingham, Tim Fox, and Joe Miller Popeye the Sailor Tag Je tХaime, moi non plus (Gainsborough/Birkin) Summer Tabloid Gulch Tag Dear Averill (Bellingham) March Green Piece Intro/Outro