TC and F with Doug Hagman and Erik Smith, guitars, Gary Gibula, bass, and Daon Hufnus, drums Solo set Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues (Dylan) TC, vocal Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen)/Morning Dew (Dobson) Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Garcia)/Boris the Spider (Entwistle) Cold Rain and Snow (Traditional, arr. TC) TC, vocal Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (GD)/Trouble Every Day (Zappa) TC, vocal /Ritual Fire Dance (DeFalla)/Lovelite (Malone) First Set Uncle Johns Band (Hunter/Garcia)/Playin in the Band (Hunter/Garcia)/Uncle Johns Band (Hunter/Garcia)/Me and My Uncle ()/Mexicali Blues (Weir) Two Souls in Communion () Althea (Hunter/Garcia) Doin That Rag (Hunter/Garcia) Music Never Stopped (Hunter/Garcia) Second Set Shakedown Street (Hunter/Garcia)/Eyes of the World (Hunter/Garcia)/Cryptical Envelopement (Hunter/Garcia)/Drumz/ The Other One (Hunter/Garcia)/Cryptical Envelopement (Hunter/Garcia)/ Alligator (Hunter/Garcia)/Drumz/Caution (Hunter/