Dead Head Night With Heartstrings: Darryl Cifarelli and Karen Luisi; and members of Bordertown: David Beldock, Glenn Goodwin, Bo Wade, and Randy Renner Love is the Sun (Cifarelli) TC Solo set St. Stephen (Garcia/Hunter)/A Day in the Life (Lennon/McCartney) Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Dawson/Garcia)/Boris the Spider (Entwistle) Dejavalse Prelude, Op. 32 #1 (Rachmaninoff) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) Ive Just Seen a Face(Lennon/McCartney) Dark Star (GD) Joined in progress by Travel Agents: Mike Kim, guitar and vocals; Paul Kelly, guitar and vocals; Bob Rosencrans, bass and vocals; David Chesavage, keyboards and vocals; Frank Lazzaro, drums, and Hal Seenor, congas Tangled Up In Blue (Dylan) China Cat Sunflower (Hunter/Garcia)/I Know You Rider (Traditional) Trip Song (Rosencrans) Boogie on Reggae Woman (Wonder) Bird Song (Hunter/Garcia)/Eyes of the World(Hunter/Garcia) Encores Hard to Handle (Redding/Jones/Isabel) with Sandy Troy, vocal Lovelite Knockin on Heavens