TC w with Doug Hagman and Erik Smith, guitars, Gary Gibula, bass, and Daon Hufnus and Alan Baster, drums First Set Viola Lee Blues (Lewis) Cumberland Blues (Hunter/Garcia) Cold Rain and Snow (Traditional) Next Time You See Me (Parker) Duprees Diamond Blues (Hunter/Garcia) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia) Dire Wolf (Hunter/Garcia) Wolftower TC, vocal Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald(Lightfoot) TC, vocal Casey Jones (Hunter/Garcia) TC solo set Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues (Dylan) TC, vocal Shockwave (Deal) TC, vocal FCC Song (Idle) TC, vocal Free Mexican Air Force (Rowan) TC, vocal Second Set Dark Star (GD)/Cryptical Envelopement (Hunter/Garcia)/Drumz/Other One (Hunter/Garcia)/Cryptical Envelopement (Hunter/Garcia)/High Time (Hunter/Garcia)/Viola Lee Blues () Doin That Rag (Hunter/Garcia) Morning Dew (Dobson) Promised Land(Berry)