Lather (Slick)/Its All Over Now, Baby Blue (Dylan)/Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Dawson/Garcia)/ Boris the Spider (Entwistle) John Barleycorn (Traditional) Chopped Liver (Ryan) Fake Fur Elise Graceful Ghost (Bolcom) Belle of Louisville (French) Roberto Clemente (Roberts) The Green and Gold Take the Cakewalk (TSC #4) Etude, Op. 10 #8 (Chopin) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/Lovelite (Malone)/ Ghost Riders in the Sky (Stan Jones)/Ritual Fire Dance (Falla)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia) Intermission Morning Dew (Dobson) Overture, The Affair of Rue de Lourcine Romanze, Op. 118 #5 (Brahms) Nocturne, Op. 9 #1 (Chopin) Rialto Ripples (Gershwin/Donaldson via Kovacs) The Ballad of Shane Muscatell Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (Lehrer) The Fat Angel (Leitch)/ Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen) Dejavalse Etude, Op. 25 #6 (Chopin) Encore Ive Just Seen a Face (Lennon/McCartney)