September 8, 2012
Catanzaro, Italy
Parco della Biodiversit√° Mediterranea (Kurzweil)
Tom Constanten

Jefferson Starship
Solo set
Cold Rain and Snow (Traditional, arr. TC) – TC, vocal
Me and My Uncle (Phillips) – TC, vocal
Mountains of the Moon (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (GD)/Trouble Every Day (Zappa)/Magic Carpet Ride (Kay) – TC, vocal
Wolftower – TC, vocal
Encores w/Jefferson Starship: Cathy Richardson and David Freiberg, vocals; Paul Kantner, guitar and vocals; Jude Gold, guitar, Chris Smith, KB/Bass, and Prairie Prince, drums
Volunteers of America (Balin/Kantner)
Other Side of This Life (?????)
With a Little Help from my Friends (Lennon/McCartney)