September 16, 2012
Denver, Colorado
Quixote’s True Blue (Kurzweil pc88)
Tom Constanten

Dose Hermanos XXXIX TC with Bob Bralove
Gilded Splinters (Rebennack) – Bob Bralove, vocal
Black Keys (DH)
Sellout Agitation Waltz (Farina) – TC, vocal
Folded Sunrise (DH)
Division Street (Bralove) – Bob Bralove, vocal
Waltz of the Autumn Moon (DH)
Crazy March (DH)
Shadow of the Invisible Man (DH)
Midnight Train (Bralove) – Bob Bralove, vocal
Silent Stickers List (DH+)
TC and Bob Bralove with Terrapin Flyer:
Doug Hagman, guitar and vocals; John Zias, guitar and vocals; “Wavy” Dave Burlingame, bass and vocals; John Paul Nowak, drums
China Cat Sunflower (Hunter/Garcia)/I Know You Rider (Traditional)
Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Garcia/Dawson)
Hard to Handle (?????)/The Eleven (Hunter/Garcia)/St. Stephen (Hunter/Garcia)/Dark Star (Hunter/Garcia)/Lovelite (Malone)