January 8, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Bralove residence (Kurzweil/Steinway)
Tom Constanten

House concert – TC with Bob Bralove
First Set
Fill up Glass (DH)
I Like the Way You Smile (Bralove) – Bob Bralove, vocal
Waltz of the Autumn Moon (DH)
Elephant Dance (DH)
You Got to Change Things (?????)- Bob Bralove, vocal
Sellout Agitation Waltz (Farina) – TC, vocal
SciFi Titles (DH)
Gilded Splinters (Rebennack) – Bob Bralove, vocal
Second Set
Shadow of the Incisible Man (DH)
Don’t Call it Love (Bralove) – Bob Bralove, vocal
Bartók Boogie (DH)
People are Strange (Doors) – TC, vocal
E Blues (DH)
Debussy Impressions (DH)
Division Street (Bralove) – Bob Bralove, vocal
Canadian Hippo Polka (DH)